Born and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

I have two brothers, Brandon and Justin.
I love them very much!


We had so much fun at the pumpkin patch.

My cousin Rachel

We had so much fun taking this picture.

My family

Granpa took this picture of us.

Loving life everyday

I enjoy every moment with my family. They mean everything to me.
When I don't go to school, my grandma and grandpa take care of me. I love them.

  • Travel to Europe

    My Dad wants to take me to Rome and Paris. I can't wait!

  • YouTube kids

    My dad loaded YouTube Kids on my iPad, and the shows I watch keep me entertained.

  • Learning other languages

    My dad is teaching me Spanish.

  • Love Disney music

    I love listening to music from Disney Radio.

  • I love my family

    They support me on whatever interests I have.

  • Traveling

    I have been to Las Vegas several times. Soon, my Mom is going to take me to Texas to pick up our dachshund puppy.